Online BC
Auto Insurance Renewal

Rewew your Basic or Optional BC auto insurance coverage online.  It’s quick, easy and secure.


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By law, all vehicles insured in BC must have a basic level of coverage. Renew your policy with us online or by phone, or visit our office for new policies.

Optional Auto INSURANCE

Protect yourself and property. Optional coverage enhances your basic policy and covers vehicle repairs, replacement, rental, extended liability and more.

Other Insurance

My Auto Insurance Plan provides the same great and easy service for your Home, Life, Business and Commercial insurance.

Basic Auto Insurance Coverage

If you drive a car in BC you must have basic coverage with ICBC.  First time purchases must be done in person to get your license plate.  For renewals use our website or call us. 


3rd Party Liability

Covers injuries to yourself or others, property damage even if your crash is outside of BC.

Vehicle Damage

Nobody wants to chase the at-fault parties insurance company to repair their vehicle.  ICBC covers up to $200,000 to repair your vehicle.



If you are injured or killed by another driver without insurance & you are not at fault for the accident.

Enhanced Care

Recovering from injuries is costly.  ICBC will take care of you, with unlimited medical treatment and coverage for lost wages.

Optional BC Auto Insurance Coverage

Optional BC auto provides great benefits in addition to the mandatory basic coverage.   All these benefits come at a great value.  Our agents will explain in detail any questions you optional coverage.


Covers vehicle theft, accidental damage and more.


Repair your vehicle no matter who’s fault, including hit-and-run accidents.


Safe driver for 9+ years? Get rewarded with loss of use, rental, re-keying, travel protection and more.

Excess Liability

Basic BC Auto Insurance covers $200,000 basic liability.  These days accident costs can well exceed that.  Don’t be left on the hook paying millions for medical bills or  damaged property.